Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

My to-do list

A post to myself to remind me of the to-do fics.

- Thank you fic for jadis31.
- Finish the pirate fic with moonix.
- Work on my collaboration with pumpkin_pantry. H/D, no time limit.
- 'Bring back the dead' fic for furiosity. Any pairing, 3000 words, 16 July 2006
- 'Remix Redux', March 20
- 'Round Robin' at harry_and_ron.
- Write something quick for darkones's challenge: Poison.
- Fic for the hp_angstfest, with wildestranger's prompt, 'Remus shags Regulus in order to get back at Sirius for the Prank'. May 14.
- Fic for hpslashnotsmut, Over 1000 words, June 26.
- 50 sentences of Doctor Who fic for 1fandom, August 1st.
- Tenth Doctor Ficathon, due for July 31st.
- X-Men Movie Ficathon. Due for September 15. over 1000 words.

Guh, I think I'm leaving something out... So if I've signed for any of your challenges or any that you know about, please tell me!

Ah, every time I go to harry_and_ron my stomach gets all tingly. So in case you're wondering, it was drawn by the too amazing, too great pumpkin_pantry. *loves her*
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