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22nd-Apr-2014 09:36 pm(no subject)
Ridiculous fangirl problems are feeling personally betrayed at the bad quality of the cam version you get of CATWS by dubious means. Damnit. I’ll just go watch it again on Wednesday, what the hell.

I’ve spent the last two weeks in a Bucky/Steve fic stupor. IT’S BEEN GREAT. So much good fic! So easy to find! After losing interest completely in Teen Wolf I jumped to Star Trek AOS fic, and after reading all the brilliant 2009 fic in existence I was left scraping the bottom of the barrel. The last fic I read started out so well and then descended into every single early 2000s fic cliche that it could think of, and then I finally quit when the sudden need arose for Kirk and Spock to go undercover in a gay club dressed in leather pants and eyeliner in the middle of an intergalactic war. Ugh.

Also, and going back to Marvel, how much do I not want avengers 3 to be civil war, PLEASE NO. It made Tony act like the biggest asshole (which HE'S NOT) and it basically took the movies for people to like him again and NO. JUST. WORLD OF NO. (I actually didn't hate Civil War, just the fallout, and then stupid secret invasion made it pointless anyway and the neverending events even more. It just doesn't fit into the movies universe. And you can't have Steve's death without his comeback and that would take another movie and ugh, no, better just stay away.)

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18th-Apr-2014 03:40 pm(no subject)
Night Watch
Uggggh. They took down both Captain America AND Kings off Netflix, Mexican and US versions. What a lame timing, Netflix, wtf.

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17th-Apr-2014 10:50 pm(no subject)
Gabriel García Márquez passed away today. It sound really cliche, but he sort of did affect my life deeply in a way I didn't really realize until much later. Instead of reading age appropriate books to us, my 6th grade teacher decided to read his short story anthology to us, Doce Cuentos Peregrinos, though she did skip over the racy bits. It was seriously enchanting - I remember how we all freaked out with the one about a lady that goes to use the phone in a madhouse and then no one believes her, and picturing the boys swimming in light in La luz es como el agua scared me and resonated with me deeply.

She never told us who we were reading though, so finding the book years and years later after I had already fell in love with A Hundred Years of Solitude was a bit like a gift. I had always loved reading, well before that amazing teacher, but that was sort of my first taste of adult literature, and without it I'm sure I wouldn't have gone through the same path of books.

So farewell, Gabo, and thank you so much.


In different but sort of related news, I've been listening to Chamber of Secrets on my nightly walks these past few weeks. I'd forgotten how charmingly funny JK Rowling can be!

I had also forgotten, however, how everything the Dursleys do to Harry would get them convicted for child abuse in, well, everywhere, really. There's a lot of talk about Petunia's talk to Harry in Deathly Hallows and how she was denied being redeemed in the movie, but reading it now, holy shit, screw her sadness, that does not deny a decade of neglect, hunger and verbal abuse. I think by then we'd all sort of forgotten about the early days of HP, and we just saw a seriously surprisingly well adjusted almost adult that could no longer be hurt by the Dursleys, instead of the little boy living under the stairs.

I started reading Harry Potter at age 12 - at that age, a child getting treated like that was like normal stuff in children's books, very dickensian and all, how all adults were all naturally mean and cruel and not to be trusted (don't give me that look, think about any book with a kid protagonist and the signs will be there). Reading it (listening to it, whatever) as an adult, that shit is just not ok, and is probably a lot more disturbing to read. I remember that I once tried to get my mom to start reading the first book, a few days before OotP was about to come out, and just gave it back after a chapter, pretty angry, because Harry was being treated so badly and couldn't read anymore. I hadn't thought of that in years...

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I finally got to see Captain America, I loved it and can't wait to go watch it again! Natasha wins everything, and the expected Steve/Bucky reunion didn’t disappoint, and then oh, my heart, that last scene after the credits! So pumped up for fic now :D

I read Divergent on Sunday, because despite knowing that I tend to be disappointed by YA*, I saw the trailer and was interested. I mean, it was all right, but I get tired of the first person ‘oh i’m such a special snowflake’ narrative. Show, don’t tell. But really there’s such a huge suspension of disbelief with these dystopias - there’s no way that people would allow the systematic murder of their children on tv for almost a century, or that people would split themselves into who likes being friends and who likes to get piercings. That’s not how the real world works. The Handmaiden’s Tale, for example, is also quite hard to believe being allowed to happen (although it’s sadly more possible), but of course Margaret Atwood is Margaret Atwood and at least within the novel it feels very plausible in a visceral way.

I was - or still am, I supposed - reading the Veronica Mars novel, but out of nowhere, BAM, Mexican cartels. I see enough of that shit in real life, thanks, so I’ve sort of put it down for now. Veronica Mars just works better as a visual medium, anyway.

*It’s not so much the genre or the weird trends, but the dry writing and easy plots that usually let me down. They’re teenagers, not dumb. They can stand some pretty writing in their books.

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5th-Apr-2014 01:18 pm(no subject)
Have you guys been following Kate Beaton's new sketch comic, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks?

I thought it was really beautiful, in a sad, quietly despairing way. It's really powerful for a sketchy comic about day to day life.

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24th-Mar-2014 12:06 pm(no subject)
I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie! ♥
Sure, it had its flaws, and of course it would've worked better as a miniseries, but I seriously spent the entire thing being utterly charmed, wringing my hands and making dying whale 'eeeeeeeeeehhhh' sounds of excitement, so I honestly do not care. Oh, Veronica, I'd missed you.

I hadn't heard about the canon books, and whrn I saw the first one is out tomorrow i clicked buy so fast it was dizzying. Yay, more Mars Investigations!

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23rd-Mar-2014 09:45 pm(no subject)
Night Watch
And on the first day of spring, my city decided to skip it altogether and get summer started. Fucking hell, it was already 32C, how will we ever survive may???

I have to say, Hannibal did make me feel somewhat betrayed this week. I'd have expected that from any other show, but not from this one. Now I'm sort of just hoping the spoilers are a massive misdirection, but it's not looking likely. Such a good episode, and then, bam, that.

And it was already a sad week in television, after Teen Wolf. Which I hadn't talked about, but my thoughts of ever catching up on the show one of these days? Completely gone. I think this is us breaking up, show. I've hardly missed you, I have to confess.

So I've been numbing my mind a lot with Arrow. I'm up to the point where Thea gets attacked by some oh so brutal latino and black guys, and sweet, brave and misunderstood white thief roy harper comes to her rescue. Bet she wouldn't have tried to get them jobs, amiright?

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18th-Mar-2014 01:16 am(no subject)
Night Watch
I'm currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King, and I'm liking it, but I'm getting stupidly bored at the endless talk of 'oh, the 50s were so nice, and they actually helped each other and were polite and trusting and who even wants to go back to stinking 2011!

Bitch, please. The 50s were lovely for the one group in the US, white straight males. And what a surprise, that's your narrator to the t! And the author as well! Oh, what a shocking, shocking surprise.

In other news, I have an ingrown fingernail. I didn't even know they could happen, but it hurts like a motherfucker, ugh.

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11th-Mar-2014 11:32 pm(no subject)
Amy Pond
Okay, today's Dinosaur Comics WINS AT LIFE. :D

In other news, I started taking a web design course this weekend, 5 hours each day. On the one hand, NO MORE IGNORANCE FOR ME! on the other, ow, my head, too much new knowledge overload. But hey, work paid for it so what the hell! I was able to do a horrible page with three divs in varying degrees of tacky colors with a cat picture in the middle! Yay! My goal should totally be learning to code the adult cat finder from the unimpressed cats tumblr.

I read American Elsewhere last week, and it was so fucking good. Lovecraftian monsters! Creepy little towns! Amazing ladies that will find out what’s going out damn it and none of this but-we’re-so-normal-crap! Creepy labs! In all, it was hard to put down and it has lovely writing. Just like [personal profile] ignipes said, it’s what Welcome to Night Vale would be if it was actually creepy instead of just adoringly charming.

And this week I've been catching up with Nine Eleven Ten*, since I was about 10 chapters behind. Fuck but this thing is good. Just as gripping and well written as I remembered. At this pace it probably won't be finished until ages after the new x-men film, but I don't care as long as it's properly finished. Crossing my fingers!

*I meant to link but Ao3 seems to be acting up at the moment. Anyway, if you were ever in the XMFC fandom, you've read it. Or at least heard of it.

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Night Watch
Working from home today, as I have the mother of all colds. I would prefer to ditch work altogether, but I needed to finish some stuff for a meeting held all tuesdays. Ugh.

I dreamt a practically complete Arrow episode on Saturday night (which involved a cunning plan of someone poisoning a cat - bastards - to bring a kid to his dad's grave to bury the cat and then kill him and then use plastic helicopter blades to fly the earth away to, I don't know, another universe I suppose. All of this explained by Donna from Parks and Rec. I really don't know). So I took it to be a not so subtle way of my brain requesting I actually watch the series.

So I started watching it! I was expecting the start of it to be Vampire-Diaries-Pilot levels of bad, and while everyone is stiff and whatnot it wasn't nearly as bad, so I'm sticking with it. Fandom has promised me Oliver/Felicity are endgame and if they're not I shall be very, very mad.

And in other news, Hannibal was just as suspenseful, beautiful, creepy and horrifying as was expected. THANK GOD YOU'RE BACK, SHOW.

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21st-Feb-2014 12:56 pm(no subject)
I started using Duolingo to learn French last week, I’m really liking it! I can now say ‘she has a cow’ AND ‘she is a cow’. SUCCESS. (I really thought the examples said she is a cow at first and I was all like say whaaat, but I then I heard a tiiiiiny tinny ‘a’ in there.)

It would be going a lot better if the French hadn’t randomly decided they just wanted to pronounce like the first three letters of a word and infer the rest. WHY. How the hell am I supposed to tell singulars from plurals if I can’t even hear the s at the end??? Anyway, apart from that I think it’s going ok. A lot of it it’s like Spanish and the rest sounds a bit like English so it’s cool. I can’t imagine how weird it must be to learn coming from, I don’t know, Chinese or Russian though. Also, to my Mexican mind more than one accent per word is overkill.

I can’t wait to get to a point where I can get reading Harry Potter in French! :D i've heard that Voldie's middke name is Elvis in that version, and I can't wait to get on top of that

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16th-Feb-2014 02:46 pm(no subject)
Night Watch
I'm going to have to fucking buy Rivers of London again because my physical copy is in fucking England with my ex, along with my copies of the poisonwood bible, half of a yellow sun, like three discworld books, my second copy of good omens, a medieval detective story whose name i forget and who knows how many more. There's also my favorite big sweatshirt, some leggins, scarves, knicknacks and the stupid suspenders I needed for my Doctor Who costume for november. And, you know, a bit of my dignity.

Thank god I never gave him my own copies of calvin & hobbs and got him new ones, or I'd be even more pissed.

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13th-Feb-2014 12:57 pm(no subject)
Night Watch
I don’t believe in heaven all that much (or rather, I hope it exists for my own selfish interests, but my logic side thinks it all sounds too dodgy to be real), but I do believe that if anyone would be worthy of it, it would be animals. No one is more deserving of eternal pillow-frolicking than my little kitten. We people, ah, we’re nowhere near as noble.

Anyway, this comes from a bit of a scare my dog has been giving us - he’s been ill since the weekend, and even after a round of antibiotics and getting better for a while, yesterday he didn’t eat at all, threw up what little he had and then laid around looking miserable; we had to carry him to bed, he didn’t want to move from the sofa. Poor baby. Hopefully he’ll get better with the new treatment. We’re all worried stupid about him.

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9th-Feb-2014 12:00 am(no subject)
Night Watch
Everyone at the office was playing flappy bird on thursday, and then one of the bosses decided to make it a competence and now the one with the lowest score has to get pizza on friday. In between that and the dog puking all over the place, productivity was at an all time low yesterday. Then we had beer. My office is... different.

I would've quit with that fucking bird earlier, but we're all competitive jerks, and my pride won't let me give up and I'm stuck at 36 and arrrrrgh i hate that stupid birdddd >_______<

(Oh, yeah, we have a puppy. Or rather, the admin. girl has a dog and she's been taking him to work for two months and we spend a lot of time putting hats on him and taking pictures and petting the thing. He also loves chewing on me and peeing in the middle of the room. yay puppy!)

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7th-Feb-2014 12:34 pm(no subject)
Well the winter olympics have started and even with all the drama and horrible policies, Mexico has mosty managed to ignore it all. What can we do, we’re a summer country. We send exactly one athelete every four years, and he’s a german prince that was born in Mexico City for some random reason and decided to compete for Mexico because it was easier to go to the Olympics under that flag. Every four years, he manages to make an ass out of himself and the country with his outfits. You’ve probably seen this year’s skiing suit on 9gag.It’s this piece of marvelous wtfuckery.

Er, yay?

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4th-Feb-2014 09:40 pm - movies and zombies and sketches
I have a bazillion half-written posts in a google doc that I then forget to actually post. MY HEAD, WHERE IS AT. They all boil down to: Wolf of wall street was well done but two hours of stupid male fantasy / Frozen was cute but most of the songs were 'eh' and I've found the songs for all of the latest Disney movies to be 'eh' and I'm not sure if it's 'cause I'm not 8 anymore / I hate bullshit drivers so much why can't people use blinkers. So deep.

Today is apparently Zombie Pride day, so I did this for the uni my agency works for. Brainssss.

I'm rewatching Sailor Moon, because apparently I've misplaced my childhood, and I'm having a blast. I'm about to start reading the manga too, yayz.

And here's a sketch that wasn't accepted for valentine's day at work so I'll color it on my own anyway.Collapse )

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1st-Jan-2014 10:53 pm(no subject)
Well I started the new year watching the 2009 Star Trek with the family (mmm, Chris Pine) and then re-watching Battlestar Galactica's mini series with my dad, who had never seen it. I think his mind was blown a little :3 And now I'll be pushing to watch the rest of the series together.

For being 10 years old, it's aged really well - some of the Cylon CGI is fishy at best, but on the whole it still looks really cool.

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1st-Jan-2014 07:07 pm - The year in numbers
Night Watch
[Books read in 2013]Books read in 2013

[Movies seen in 2013]Movies seen in 2013

New Series watched in 2013

Comics and manga read in 2013

Books re-read in 2013

31st-Dec-2013 07:34 pm(no subject)
Night Watch
So overall, 2013 sucked. The bright spots were getting my cat and my dog and finding a new job. Then again, my cat died, i got fat, and i still miss my ex like a stupid person, so, yeah. Kindly fuck off, 2013, and good riddance.

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