Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

I was thinking yesterday of how I don't think I've ever watched Daria in English. And like, I'm not sure if I want to? That dubbing was a master piece - it managed to be contemporary, hip and faithful to the characters while translating suburban US English into neutral latinamerican Spanish. Apart from the first Shrek, very few things manage to sound actually decent in dubbing. It even used the word 'cool' in english as part of Trent's chain smoking voice and actually managed to use it right for the like two seconds it was popular in the late 90s!

I also just very very recently got to watch Back to the Future in English. This was less due to nostalgia but to the fact that I watched it a million times in my childhood with the shitty dubbing of canal 5 (with aproximately eight thousand commercial breaks in it), and Marty's absolutely horrifyingly awesome yell of 'DOC!! DOOOOC!' is so hilarious in spanish that I never felt the need to see how it compared XD

Anyway, I watched Take Shelter last week and while it was good, the pacing was so slow I wanted to hit things. The ending pretty much made everything worth it though. And then I went to see Side Effects on sunday, which was also really good. It's so cleverly written - it completely turns around on you as it plays out. I don't really believe Sodebergh when he says he's quitting, but I guess it was a good send off.

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