Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

Today I went to see Almodóvar's new film, Los Amantes Pasajeros*, it was so good! I seriously hadn't seen such a funny film in a while, the entire theater was in stitches. It was crass, surreal and wildly inappropiate, and it had amazing Almodóvar trademark dialogue. I do love me my 'strangers trapped together' plots. It's most definitely not his best work, but his last films were so serious that it was a nice break. I do wonder how it'll stand to translation!

* The title can be translated both as 'The brief (or passing) lovers' and 'the loving passengers'. I love how good writers can play with Spanish so. Shakira too used to do amazing things with language shrouded in pop music, but she kinda stopped when she went massive. 'Espero que no esperes que te espere después de mis veintiseis' still makes sigh all satisfied.

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