Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

Okay, today's Dinosaur Comics WINS AT LIFE. :D

In other news, I started taking a web design course this weekend, 5 hours each day. On the one hand, NO MORE IGNORANCE FOR ME! on the other, ow, my head, too much new knowledge overload. But hey, work paid for it so what the hell! I was able to do a horrible page with three divs in varying degrees of tacky colors with a cat picture in the middle! Yay! My goal should totally be learning to code the adult cat finder from the unimpressed cats tumblr.

I read American Elsewhere last week, and it was so fucking good. Lovecraftian monsters! Creepy little towns! Amazing ladies that will find out what’s going out damn it and none of this but-we’re-so-normal-crap! Creepy labs! In all, it was hard to put down and it has lovely writing. Just like [personal profile] ignipes said, it’s what Welcome to Night Vale would be if it was actually creepy instead of just adoringly charming.

And this week I've been catching up with Nine Eleven Ten*, since I was about 10 chapters behind. Fuck but this thing is good. Just as gripping and well written as I remembered. At this pace it probably won't be finished until ages after the new x-men film, but I don't care as long as it's properly finished. Crossing my fingers!

*I meant to link but Ao3 seems to be acting up at the moment. Anyway, if you were ever in the XMFC fandom, you've read it. Or at least heard of it.

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