Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

oh idris elba, come save these poor lost souls

Went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel on Friday and it was absolutely charming and adorable and funny and amazing. So recommended.
On Saturday I saw Godzilla, which was… ok. Mostly it made me wanna watch Pacific Rim again, so I did. Ah, Pacific Rim. So awesome. So exciting. ♥

Anyway, so, Godzilla - the monster bits were cool enough that i didn’t feel cheated (that first glimpse at Godzilla was so rad), but all of the human bits were so boring. Also, all they made Ken Watanabe do was look around confused. So, so confused. Poor Ken Watanabe.

Then again, I have a massive soft stop for the 90s movie. So bad. So good.

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Tags: movie rec, recs
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