Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

So you should all do yourselves a favor and watch In the Flesh, for it is lovely and amazing and deep and funny and has great music. I mean, it has zombies, human defense militias, complicated politics, a queer main character, cuckoo undead prophets, sleepy English town drama and adorable Northern accents, what else could you want?

Crossing my fingers and toes and dunno what else for it to get a third season. ♥

Also, dude playing Kieren has the most awesome huge eyes ever, I seriously thought they had him on those extra big iris japanese contacts at first! So he's super cute, and I spent pretty much every scene with Maxine in it thinking 'goddamn, this woman is so gorgeous'. All the shows for her.

Also in DW! comment count unavailable comments.
Tags: in the flesh, recs, tv shows
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