Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

Going through the Dashcon tag seriously gave me life this weekend, and gave me hardcore flashbacks to the wanky days of fandom of novel-length BNF exposés. SIGH. I think the fantastically sad ball pit was the best part. I mean. IT DEFLATED. Hee.

I do feel bad for all the conned con goers (heh), especially as most of them seem to be kids, but god, did I laugh and laugh and laugh. BALL PIT. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET. XD

So the World Cup is over and while for the main part I don’t give a damn about football, I really like the excitement, atmosphere and craziness around it, so it’s a cool time. One of my bosses and my creative director are argentinean, so they’re sort of shuffling around today and refusing to talk about it, lol.

Also in DW! comment count unavailable comments.
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