Angst Queen Extraordinaire (nekare) wrote,
Angst Queen Extraordinaire

Why can't my brother buy porn on his own?

I got both of the X-Men movies today, yay! I was only going to get the second one, promise, but there was none, and then I found this pack with both 1.5 and X-2, and well... It was 440 pesos, and that kinda hurts my economy, but I really, REALLY wanted to buy something for me that wasn't damned paper or ink, or paint or any of the things I have to buy for school. *pampers herself* I shall go and die of Pyro love tonight, oh yes. XD

My brother can be such an asshole when he wants to. He bitched and bitched and threw a tantrum in the mall we were at today since he wanted me to buy him a dirty magazine (it's not even THAT interesting, it's only like Maxim, for God's sake!), since he 'can't' because he's still a minor and I was like "FUCK NO!" (I actually yelled that, only in Spanish: "Chingate, no!") and he's just insufferable in one of his moods, so I went and turned the tables on him saying (very loudly) that I was only going to buy it if he showed me the magazine. And then of course, he went all red and was like 'OMG NO!' and boy that was fun since I stood my ground until he had to show it to me, make an ass out of himself in the shop and carry it around to the cashier. XD And then, when I had payed (and kept the change, of course, I've 20 pesos extra in my purse) I kinda yelled "YOU COWARD, THEY DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR MY ID!!" in his general direction.

I'm still pissed at him, though. I drove horribly on the way back, and screamed at various people for having the audacity of having their cars in the way of mine. Waah, I'm horrible. But it's all his fault. *nods*

I... still haven't done any homework today (well, but for a poster for Metodology). Clearly, this will be another hellish weekend. *weeps*
Tags: rl, x-men
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