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neka neka
*Dances the polka for Remus
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Night Watch
Am I really the only one that thought Lincoln was over-long, bloated, a bit boring and horribly sentimentaloid? I mean, I'm a lowly Mexican so by default I wasn't gonna worship at the altar of 'mythical' US presidents, but oh god, was I bored. Good acting, yeah, but not my cup of tea.

Zero Dark Thirty was also quite 'let us chant USA!!i!' but it was a bit more honest, I'd say, and it was closer to the characters so it was a lot more intimate. Also super suspensful and superbly done.

Silver Linings Playbook was adorable, sweet and cute, but not best picture material.

Argo was seemingly good but I saw it with horrible sound and totally random subtitles so I had no idea what was going on at any time.

Django Unchained was controversial for the sake of being controversial but dammnit, was it an amazing movie. The sheer ridiculousness of it added to the performances, music, look and story, I just really loved it. Also, Jamie Foxx was so hot it was hard to believe. Was it a story that was a POC's to tell? Yeah. But it's Tarantino, he lives to be a dick.

Life of Pi looked beautiful, but it lacked a bit of the heart of the book. I haven't seen Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild or Les Misérables, though I look forward to them. Especially Beasts of the Southern Wild, hopefully it'll open here soon.

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14th-Nov-2012 08:53 pm - oh, mr. bond!
So, we were sent the old service directory of one of Puerto Vallarta's Holiday Inns that another agency had done for them. Not only was it really badly made, BUT, it had the following jewel in it. In the menu, and I'm assuming it was a typo but jesus, what a typo, it said: MEAT CUNTS.

I swear I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry.

So, I saw Skyfall over the weekend! I really, really loved it. Did it have its flaws? of course. It's a Bond movie, they're riddled with huge gaping flows. But it was such a strong, well told movie, it looked absolutely gorgeous (all those centered shots! the landscapes that went on forever! Daniel Craig in a tight suit and/or shirtless! what? Craig-as-Bond does things to me, I can't help it). M was absurdly amazing in it, I really loved Eve (spoiler for the win!) and Q was adorkable. And Javier Bardem was fantastic. spoilers!Collapse )

In other news, the boy is coming round in January! Yay. So partly because of that and partly just because, I went and got myself a frilly burgundy satin knickers and bra set. I'd never had posh underwear before! I've always been more of a beige bra and polar bear* or other random cutesy pattern underwear kind of gal. It was expensive so it better feel like heaven or something.

*I do indeed have polar bear underwear. And tiny penguin underwear. They're adorable.

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14th-Oct-2012 08:49 pm - yay film!
Flowery feet
So yesterday I went to see Looper, and it was all kinds of cool and I really liked it. It was interesting and tricky and well made. I will never not love time traveling movies.

And then today I watched Moonrise Kingdom and oh god but I sort of want to marry this film ♥ It was just so beautiful and charming and moving. I loved it to pieces. It was so strikingly beautiful, but it was also funny and adorable, so it wasn't all just visual candy. And the soundtrack was great! And it was a bit of a departure from the usual Wes Anderson folksy sound. I really don't think it's one of his best films - it was absolutely magical.

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14th-Jul-2012 10:56 pm(no subject)
our queen
So, I watched Savages, and I'm not quite sure what to think of it. On the one hand, I did like it, and it was well made and stuff. On the other hand, it trivializes the very, very real issue of drug traffic in Mexico, and makes it all about a bunch of hippie white people with Hearts of Gold© and Good Intentions©.

It bothers me that we don't see a single Mexican person that is not an evil torturer/kidnapper/murderer/criminal. Ah well.

But at least we got a threesome? So there's that.

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So, the other day I finished reading The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. On one hand, it's interesting and has lovely prose. On the other hand, it's sort of gross? Like, morally. There's a lot of gory messed up stuff there. And yet, it's sort of great to see werewolves and vampires and the like written for adults, after the recent wave of crappy YA making them into harmless vegan bunnies. If you're gonna tackle the murderous supernatural, you might as well make it disturbing, I suppose.

Also, this guy is obsessed with buttholes. Seriously, it's like butthole here, butthole there, buttholes for everyone! I don't think I'd ever seen (read? deduced from his writing?) a straight guy so into buttfucking. Huh.

My favorite character after a certain spoilery lady was an incredibly incompetent French model-turned-werewolf-hunter that always puts on mascara before he goes out hunting. He was rad.

Anyway, today I read more first than sun, more last than star by Etirabys and it is so goddamn beautiful. It's very lyrical and poignant and I want to roll on it forever. Dub-con-y though, so beware.

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I was fully expecting going out craving all the Tony/Steve fic and all the Loki creepy fic, but apart from that now I want ALL THE NATASHA FIC. ALL OF IT. NOW. And Tony/Pepper, too. In fact, just give me ALL the fic, yeah?

And now I'm only using tumblr savior for One Direction now! (I'm not quite sure who or what One Direction is, but all my insticts say I don't really want to know, so.)

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our queen
Game of Thrones 2x03 - What Is Dead May Never Die:Collapse )

Also, I finally watched Captain America! Oh STEEEVE. OH PEGGYYYY. ♥ They were adorable. For a period movie, it was oddly sci-fi-y, and the resolution was a bit awkward, but overall I quite liked it, and it got me well and pumped up for the Avengers.

Steve's so young in this, though, oh baby. I'm used to comics!Cap, with more than a decade of leading the avengers, and he looks so tender and lost in this. Aw. As much as I liked the actress playing Peggy I really hope they won't go and turn her into Sharon Carter, because I always found that beyond creepy in the comics. If Sharon comes along, make her a bit different at least. It WAS sort of hilarious that time they just drew a Sharon look alike, and to mark that Peggy was fighting with the French resistence, all they did was draw a beret on her head, lol. Instant Frenchness!

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11th-Apr-2012 06:20 pm - addendums ad nauseam
Night Watch
Is anyone else as mystified over the popularity of Clint/Coulson as me? Coulson's cool and all, but in contrast with like, the entirety of fandom, I don't really find him interesting enough to crave fic of him. Saying that they haven't even met in canon doesn't pan out because, well, it's not like Steve and Tony have, either*, but then again they do have like thirty years of BFFdom in comics.**

And anyway, if the option exist of shipping Clint with Natasha*** or Darcy, SWEET GLORIOUS DARCY, well, it feels superflous to me. XD Nah, pretty much all I'm saying is MOAR DARCY FIC.

* Or maybe they have? I must confess I still haven't watched Captain America. I really have to before the movie comes out though!

** Avengers movie fic sometimes confuses me because while I ship Tony/Steve something hard in the comics, I absolutely LOVE Tony/Pepper in the movies. So, yeah. Dunno.

*** I say that, but I much prefer shipping Natasha with Bucky or Matt Murdock. Especially Matt. Ultimate redhair couple for the win! Dunno, they just fit well, she makes him less angsty. Or, you know with BOTH Bucky and Matt! nggh. Matt's probably too Irish Catholic schoolboy to consider it unless it's with Foggy though. SIGH. I luffs Matt and his never ending angst and woe and anger, I really hope that the inevitable movie remake will be a good one.****


This post was brought to you by my sudden descent into Avengers fic. All I'm saying is, Tomorrow Belongs to Me and Semaphore are must reads.

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31st-Mar-2012 12:15 am - Katnisssssss! ♥
Amy Pond
Just got back from (finally!) watching The Hunger Games; loved it. It didn't pull any punches, it was shot wonderfully, Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss was perfect, it was heartbreaking and thrilling in turns, and it was as bleak as the books called for. Fantastic adaptation, in all.

More later, maybe, once I'm less sleepy.

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16th-Mar-2012 04:09 pm(no subject)
Colorful Doctor
This has been bothering me for a few days: I can't remember where I read/saw it, but I remember something about time travel, and how the opening night of, uh, Hamlet? Or another Shakespeare play, it had been pretty much only time travelers in the audience.

Does that ring a bell with anyone? I feel like it's at the tip of my tongue, but can't seem to remember.

In other time traveling news (and the reason I thought of the above), I'm halfway through Connie Willis' All Clear right now, and Jesus, but it's hard to put down. We pretty much haven't had anything to do at work today, so I've just been reading obsessively.

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12th-Mar-2012 11:57 pm(no subject)
Just watched Centurion. The thing about this kind of movies is that I always side up with the Britons*. All that talk about duty and honor -- dude, you're invading someone else's land, there's no honor in that. I've always been mystified by conquering cultures and how they always expect people to just sit by and make it easier for them to be slaved or whatever.

Anyway, it's not a bad movie, just forgetable. I think the best thing was Imogen Poots' glorious hair, to be honest.

*Or whatever oppressed people in turn

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our queen
I've been reading candle_beck's Gone Again, after I conveniently ignored the fact that this fic always tears my heart out and stomps it on the dirt. Man, but I could kiss that person that requested the happy ending sequel for that charity exchange.

In other news, I've been reading Connie Willis' Oxford Time Travel series, after reading a fic in which John is a historian and ends up somehow assigned to record Sherlock's history, for which I would hand out money for a sequel. I've read the first two books so far*, and they start a bit slow and then they become completely impossible to put down. The have great characters and lovely ladies obessed with Agatha Christie books and history and time travel paradoxes and explosions and epidemics. What else could you want?

*These are the ONLY books I've read in the year so far, because I tend to just read fic on the kindle and ignore everything else. Har-har. I should probably rectify this. But the pull of the dark side fic is too strong.

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20th-Feb-2012 09:16 pm - Mmm, tentacles.
our queen
So today I read The Queen's Guard, which is the modern Sherlock version of Neil Gaiman's A Study in Emerald, and ohhh, but it's so good. I so wish there was more of this, because already it deals with a lot of the, ahem, pecularities of this world, and it has wonderfully creepy imagery. I also wonder if the ever-present Queen is still Victoria :DDD Because that would be ace.

So now I'm re-reading A Study in Emerald again, because it is made of awesome and shiny. And tentacles. I think I'd have a minor attack if Neil Gaiman decided to write a full novel based on it. But it's okay, because he's writing a sequel to American Gods and all is well with the world.

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Lucrezia & Cesare
Just read The Final Problem, half of it read pretty much like 'Watson and Holmes' honeymoon trip around Europe', lol. And Moriarty was a bit of a wash. But I hadn't realized John's wibbly words at the end of the Reichenbach Fall (you know which) were pretty much a quote from the books. Aww, Watsons.

I sort of want to read both A Study in Scarlet and A Study in Emerald now!

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9th-Feb-2012 08:47 pm - fiiiic
red kate
This is one of the best Sherlock fics I've read so far:

The Anatomist, pre S2. In which Molly's real name is Molly Moriarty. This is so fantastic, it's beautifully written and the idea is amazing and ;sldjf. MOLLY. Even if this is a er, well, more unhinged version of Molly.

And from the same author, in a complete 180 degree change of fandom, Epitaph, Doctor Who, Rose. In which Rose is a VAMPIRE. This is gorgeous and haunting and very very lovely.

And then yesterday I read a fic in which JOHN HAS A KID. AND HE AND SHERLOCK END UP RAISING HIM. Oh my god I nearly died from the cute. Reignite. Seriously though, it's a beautiful fic, and not really crack the way my super awesome summary makes it sound. And even though fridging ladies for the sake of plot tends to make me twitch in anger, I sort of want a little Hamish playing with Sherlock's microscope in every single fic in existance? Errrr.

And if you have anything Sherlock to rec me, please do so! :)

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5th-Feb-2012 08:47 pm - Oh, modern fairytales
Pushing Daisies
I've never seen the last episode of Pushing Daisies, because that would have meant that it was really over, and it always seemed too sad.

But I watched Penelope this morning, and it was so incredibly adorable and lovely - the fairytale part to it, the somewhat vintage feeling to people and clothing, the gorgeous red and green and purple palette, the dreamlike feeling of a city that's not London and not New York at the same time. And I love a love story when I really root for the characters to get together :D Christina Ricci was adorable, and James McAvoy was, as always, diarmingly charming.

And so, it reminded me of Pushing Daisies a lot, and I think it's high time I watch the abandoned little .avi file that's been languishing in my hard drive for years.

Someone hold me!

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6th-Jan-2012 02:26 pm - You guys, you have to go read this!
Colorful Doctor
What We Do Is Just What You Can't Do by [archiveofourown.org profile] gertie_flirty, Arrested Development - In which the Bluths are SUPERHEROES. I've only read a handlful of Yuletide stories this year, so I'm horribly late to the party, but this was just so much fun! It really reads as an episode would. :D

Also! I'm back in Mexico. I was taken to the A&E last night because my parents were somewhat alerted at how horribly ill I looked when I got off the plane. It seems like it's just a normal throat/ear infection, but it sure made intercontinental flights hell. And I miss the boy. :(

I was THIS closed to getting myself a Kindle Fire at the Dallas airport and then I didn't in case my parents had gotten my hints and bought me one, but alas, now I'm Fire-less and I really regret not getting it! I'll try and get my brother to buy it for me on his way back from England.

*by the way, what's the html for the AO3 user icon? And the DW one, at that... ETA: yayz!

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2nd-Jan-2012 01:51 pm - The year in numbers
Night Watch
A day late, but still in time for journal cleaning and to get it all ready for the new year. :)

Books read in 2011Collapse )

Movies seen in 2011Collapse )
I've been doing my annual re-read of Howl's Moving Castle (that and Good Omens are pretty much my comfort books, and my copies are pretty much falling apart), and oh, but I don't think I'll ever really stop wishing for another movie adaptation.

It's not that Miyazaki's movie was bad (I don't think the man is capable of making a bad movie), it's just that it wasn't HMC. Not only did they pair down everyone's characters, but they got rid of what's easily my favorite part of the book: Wales. I was just really yearning to see Howl in his stupid Welsh Rugby shirt and see him coming home drunk singing silly rugby songs and his house with a Rivendell sign and his crappy car with holes in the upholstery to which Sophie clings for her life! SIGH.

I hadn't read it since Diana Wynne Jones passed. It adds a certain layer of melancholy, certainly. At least we got House of Many Ways, I suppose.
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