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*Dances the polka for Remus

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Angst Queen Extraordinaire
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Nekare, as told by teh flist:

terraneanblues says: "nekare is a small bundle of innocent evil. She is unassumingly sweet, but has a sordid past of dealing with international spy organizations. She is a wanted individual in 22 separate countries, and has a habit of getting out of sticky situations by means of... persuasion. We all wish we could be as cool as her.

Oh, and she writes wickedly well, too. But that's just a bonus."

melandry says: "nekare is only visible in the interstices between genius and devilment. Her musings are most potente, her writings most luculent, and her charms are quite inexorable. Just don't ask her to buy you porn."

crooked says: "nekare is simply too brilliant for words... other than these."

javajunkie13 says: "nekare is a sweet, charming individual. Scientist believe she is one of the last of her kind living in the wild. However, do not let her adorable nature fool you, researchers have found she preys on innocent puppies, and unassuming children and space travelers. She also takes perverse pleasure in making others cry, and can be dangerous when provoked."

onadancefloor says: "nekare was born into this world with a pen in her hand, and from that moment, she has made it a habit to write just prose that makes others feel as though they are not worthy."

moonix says: ne-ka-re ['neka're] poet. I s f 1. lit. very talented, bi-lingual writer who has a tendency towards depicting same-sex relationships and ->angst; 2. (art, lifestyle etc.) colour-whore, person with a weakness for shiny & pretty things, often used for artists or graphic designers; 3. (killing puppies etc.) cute and sneaky person with sadistic tendencies towards small, canine animals: i'm not letting my puppies out anymore, another one of those nekares is on the lookout, i hear 4. pirate-princess (usually commander of a ship; origin. Lady Nekare, captain of the Ophelia) II adj f 1. energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic; 2. good to have fun with; 3. paint., lit. creative; III v/t. lit. to stir great feelings.

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My most used tags: Fic, Harry Potter fic, Supernatural fic, Doctor Who fic, Remus/Sirius, drabbles, Original Writing, genfic, Movie Recs.

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